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Rubber Electrode for BiosignalsSotto Connect

Product features

Silicone-based conductive rubber

These rubber electrodes have a soft feel. Although dry electrodes they have high response characteristics. A general-purpose snap button is integrated, enabling easy connection and removal. These reusable electrodes can be used repeatedly if washed with ethanol after use. They are also suitable for electrical stimulation applications, such as rehabilitation.

Silicone-based conductive rubber
  • Soft and easy to connect
  • Dry measurent possible
  • Reusable
  • No shaving necessary
  • Useful for electrical stimulation applications

Developers’ voice

Follows the wearer’s movement and realizes comfortable sensing without the need for conductive paste

Highly useful for rehabilitation applications

Development background

image:The Button Type Sotto Connect is suitable for measuring electromyogram in a small-diameter, narrow area. The Button Type Sotto Connect is suitable for measuring electromyogram in a small-diameter, narrow area.
image:The Brush Type Sotto Connect can be applied over the hair of the head or skin. The Brush Type Sotto Connect can be applied over the hair of the head or skin.

Conventionally, conductive paste was applied between the skin and electrode, so that cleaning was required after measurement. If the wearer felt stress while wearing the hard, cold metal electrodes for a given period of time, noise signals might be generated, possibly resulting in unsuccessful measurement.

To realize measurement in a comfortable, relaxed condition, NOK made efforts to develop electrodes that would be soft like the human skin. As a result of research, we developed a rubber material that is mixed with conductive filler and thus carries electricity. The soft, biocompatible rubber electrode series, Sotto, has thus been launched into the market.

Of the Sotto Series products, the Sotto Connect saves the hassle of connection and omits compatibility with conventional devices. It also saves the trouble of having to apply conductive paste, and can be used to measure the electrocardiogram of your animal companion. No shaving is required, further reducing the anxiety of the animal and the owner.

Development story


While developing a new functional material, we focused attention on conductive rubber, and started development aiming at entering the healthcare market. Firstly, we analyzed existing electrodes and understood their functions. Then, we proceeded with development, trying prototypes on ourselves and occasionally visiting field users to get their feedback. To develop a repeatedly usable product without compromising on the usability of existing products, we made the utmost efforts in integrating the metal snap button, achieving good durability, and realizing stable electrical characteristics. The major users of this product include veterinary hospitals and nursing-care facilities, it is used in a swallowing disorder prevention program, for example. Using its expertise in material development, NOK, a conventionally “behind-the-scene” player, has succeeded in developing products in a new and different way, we believe.

Sotto Connect
application examples

Attached Sotto Connect electrodes receive biomedical signals.
Myoelectric signals are moving the artificial arm.

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