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Rubber Electrode for BiosignalsSotto Brain

Product features

These rubber electrodes have a soft feel. Although dry electrodes they have high response characteristics. They have excellent polarization resistance that allows small, microvolt-order potential to be obtained from on the scalp with low noise. Measurement is possible simply by pressing them lightly. They reduce the stress of the wearer.

Silicone-based conductive rubber
  • Dry measurement possible
  • Reusable
  • Soft rubber electrodes

Developers’ voice

Brain waves can be measured without use of conductive paste.

The flexible material reduces pain-caused stress.

Development background

image:Development background 01 General-purpose snap buttons are integrated, enabling easy attaching.

As another Sotto Series product following the Sotto Connect, which we developed to enter the healthcare market focusing attention on conductive rubber, this Sotto Brain features improved sensing functions.

With conventional electrodes, it was necessary to apply conductive paste between the scalp and electrode, and shampooing was required after measurement. In addition, hard and cold metal electrodes may give stress to the wearer, which posed a problem of incorrect brain wave measurement.

To realize measurement in a comfortable, relaxed condition, we have been making efforts to develop soft electrodes. Of the Sotto Series products, Sotto Brain has excellent resistance to polarization voltage thanks to ionization treatment, and can obtain microvolt-order, minute potential from the scalp.

Development story

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image:Development story 02

It was not easy for NOK to enter the medical market, which is far from the fields we traditionally excel in. When we started development, many words that were readily known in the industry were new to us and we had to learn them one by one.

In the development of materials, NOK is a rubber professional. By using our proprietary mixing and manufacturing technology, we are able to develop a material that is not available from other suppliers; however, because the specifications required in the medical market were different from what we were familiar with, and evaluation methods were also different, we had a hard time establishing evaluation criteria.

In the evaluation of product performance using the human body, we requested many people to volunteer as test subjects. We conducted various verification tests on examinees of different ages. On one occasion we measured the brain waves of our in-house managers. Some of them were hesitant, feeling as if the inside of their brain was being looked into.

Of course, looking into someone’s brain from outside is impossible, but such a technology may probably take shape in the near future.

We will continue to support future technology with our Sotto Brain technology in a gentle, or sotto in Japanese, manner.

Sotto Brain
application examples

This is a representation of Sotto Brain installed on a brain-wave measurement device. This product has great potential in various applications, such as in systems that can measure concentration during learning, and the brain machine interface (BMI) systems regarded as a potential communication means.

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